Iceman Charity Project Roof Repair Phase1

2,100 qm roofs


Renovation of 2 large roofs in the living area of the girls and boys with a total area of 2,100 qm.


1.300.000 THB donated

About The Project

Roofs in Thailand are designed for a service life of 14 – 16 years. The roofs of the large girls’ building and a roof of a large boys’ building had to be renovated for the first time. With a total of 2,100 qm, the renovation work was not financed by the temple alone. Thanks to the support of the Hans Groeber Foundation in Liechtenstein, the Iceman Charity could undertake this work and complete it in time in 2017 before the rainy season.

The executive monks of the temple have undertaken to establish reserves in future for such renovations.