Iceman charity project bed for kids

Bed 4 kids


In 2015 all kids got beds and mattresses for more than 7 Mio THB. Iceman Charity started with the beds for all 1.000 girls in the orphanage.


7.000.000 THB donated

About The Project

For their first time they don’t need to sleep on the concrete or wooden floors anymore. Studies have showed, that children who have to sleep on a cold ground are facing long-term heath consequences. For this reason, the ICEMAN CHARITY’s major investment in 2015 was the purchase of over 1.000 beds.

The space for beds is very limited in the accommodation, so most beds are made as double-decker beds.The design and construction of the beds depends on the needs of the children and the heavy daily use.

Other sponsors of the temple have later bought beds for all boys.