Project canteen roof repair

Canteen Roof Repair


After examining the situation and in coordination with the orphanage management, we have undertaken the repair of the canteen on behalf of the Iceman Charity.


210.000 THB donated

About The Project

The canteens in the main building house a canteen for 2,500 children, a meeting room for up to 3,000 persons and accommodation for around 100 girls. The building was completed in 2015 but showed water damage due to constructional faults shortly after its completion. Moreover, heavy storms have caused damages to the roof in the recent years, which could not be repaired as part of the in-house effort due to the orphanage’s lack of budget.

Phase 1

  • Attachment of gutters to the central roof of the canteen and rework of water drainage.
  • Repair of water pipelines and water gutters including the water pipelines in the sanitary facility.

Phase 2

  • Repair of damages on the interior ceilings and walls.