Project Staff and Logistics

Employees and logistics


Since 2016, Iceman Charity has played a leading role in building management and health and cleaning tasks. We have taken over a few employees and logistic tasks within the framework of the project “Fit for 2020”.


5.000.000 THB donated

About The Project

The following services will be provided up to 2020 by the Iceman Charity along with C2C Asian Network Ltd and with the support of the Hans Gröber Foundation in Liechtenstein:

  • Permanent caretaker of all the 18 residential buildings, tools and the tuk tuk service tricycle
  • Permanent Kindergarten advisor for children of the age from 3 to 5 years
  • Caretaker of the Bangsadej boys’ building with a new care concept created by us
  • Logistics Manager, who mediates all the projects between the Buddhist monks (leaders of the temple), the Thai building contractors and Iceman Charity.
  • Permanent supervisor for all the girls’ buildings (from June 2017)

A budget of 5 million THB is available up to the end of 2020.