Iceman Charity Project Internet Access Bangsadej House

Internet Access Bangsadej School


During the overall renovation of Bangsadej School, arrangements were already made to subsequently install Internet in all the sections.


45.000 THB donated

About The Project

Once the school offers modern teaching methods with online work tasks, the accommodation building of Bangsadej School will be connected to the Internet as the first project.
Installation of the access cable and distribution among routers as well as setup and time control suitable for children will require approximately 45.000 THB, which had been donated form our Dutch representative and close friend Beauregard Meijer this summer.

Our plan was to complete the installation of the internet before school starts on 15th November after long holidays, but due to the location of the building and the availability of high speed internet in the area it will take us until December to get the installation finished.