All New Bathroom – Alice House

Realisation Phase

After the total renovation of the dormitory in 2016, we needed to build an all-new bathhouse for our little girls. From modern toilets to shower rooms and a clothing washing area (in cooperation with Alice Glenister Foundation).


1.800.000 THB donated

About The Project

The Alice House got its name from The Alice Glanister Foundation, which built the girlshouse almost 20 years ago in memory of Alice Glenister, who lost her life in Thailand. A member of the Foundation visited the orphanage in 2019 and got in touch with The Iceman to discuss the complete renovation of the meanwhile broken bathrooms. As a result, the Foundation commissioned the Iceman Charity to plan the construction and building of the new bathhouse.

The Iceman Charity added some upgrades for the clothes washing area. The all-new bathhouse is now a benchmark for all further renovations.