New showers

Additional Shower Rooms – Girlshouse

Realisation Phase

The existing shower rooms turned too small for the large girlshouse. So we identified two rooms on each side of the building, which can be turned into modern shower rooms. This gives us 30 more showers and 12 more toilets.


2.100.000 THB donated

About The Project

After the girls’ house renovation, we recognized that there are too few showers in peak times, especially in the morning when all 400+ girls shower and go to the bathrooms.

We identified two rooms on the ground floor which can turn into modern shower rooms, but the water source for the girlshouse can’t support more water, which is needed for both rooms. Therefore, we also add another source (We found a significant water source in the neighbour’s garden). We are also independent of our water source’s poor governmental water supply during the dry summer season.