New Sanitary Boys 1

Financing Phase

The Sanitary House 1 hosts the toilets and washing area for around 120 – 160 kids. The last renovation of the bathrooms had been about 20 years ago; the old washing basins were renovated 12 years ago by Icemen Charity.

The building is the oldest in the complex and needs to be demolished and built up from scratch. Due to Thailand’s Health and Safety regulations, we also need to change the water basins to shower units.


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About The Project

There are two main bathhouses for the boy’s area, around 180 boys use the old, ailing bathhouse, which was built 30 years ago (with no significant renovations or improvements). The authorities have criticized the use of this bathroom, and a complete renovation need to take place in 2024.
We have to build a new bathhouse under the new hygiene regulations with shower tabs and modern toilets. Our benchmark is petrol station quality, with stainless steel walls.