Wat Sakraeo Orphanage

Die Wat Sakaeo temple complex was founded as an orphanage in 1942 by Luang Poor (father) and then housed ten children. Today it is almost 2,000 kids. The Wat Sakaeo temple is situated in the administrative district of Central Thailand and is around 80 kilometres away from the Thai capital Bangkok. For believers, the temple forms a Buddhist centre under the leadership of Abt Prof. Dr. B.A., M.A., Ph.D, Pramaha Phairoh Kritsanavadea.

Wat Sakraeo Orphanage in Thailand

The orphanage is under the control of the actual temple in which 2,000 children are currently accommodated. The children range in age from 3 to 19 years.

The social facility houses children from all over Thailand

lt is not only orphans who can find refuge in the temple but also children from very socially deprived families and also difficult children. The social facility houses children from all over Thailand, although the majority of children originate from the socially more deprived north of Thailand. In addition to the possibility of living here the children can also attend the state kindergarten and the state school in Wat Sakaeo in order to receive a decent basic education. At the state-aided school the children are taught in all obligatory subjects by official teachers during their entire time at school.

Apart from sporting activities, in their free time the children have the option of extending their school knowledge. They learn languages such as English and Chinese at weekend courses or can extend their knowledge in science. This is regarded as a big benefit for the children for which the Wat Sakaeo School stands out from other state schools.

The overall facility includes the temple (monks only), the children’s accommodation with a canteen and a kitchen, medical facilities, the kindergarten and the school as weil as a gymnasium and a sports field.