Formula 1 driver and Ambassador Alex Albon had the idea to create a special version of his Williams Racing helmet at the Singapore Grand Prix to benefit the Iceman Charity.


3.660.105 THB donated

About The Project

The meaning of the Alex Albon’s helmet he is wearing at Singapore F1

Williams Racing’s Alex Albon has a unique helmet takeover for the Singapore Grand Prix. It isn’t for a sponsor. It was designed by the children at Bangkok’s largest orphanage, which Albon supports.

Thanks to Red Bull, which allowed its bulls to give way to Thailand’s celebrated elephant for this race, this new helmet design puts the charitable spotlight on the Wat Sakaeo Orphanage. Albon, 23, is ambassador for the Iceman Charity, supporting the orphanage.

On his visit to the orphanage earlier this year, the kids dyed Albon’s hair red, which became a good luck charm for him and a rallying cry for them.

Meaning of the helmet:

The helmet design, created from the imaginations of children, symbolises the importance of giving to others and is emblematic of Albon’s personal commitment to the orphanage. The multi-faceted illustration, filled with Thai symbolism, promotes the benefits of social connection and trust.

Everyone who sees the new design is guaranteed to smile, which is perhaps the biggest benefit for these underprivileged kids. But because it also spotlights supporting them, it has a deeper meaning.

Elephants – The most prominent theme of the helmet design features the national animal of Thailand – the elephant – representing strength, loyalty and longevity. Many Thais who believe they bring luck through their physical power, associate elephants with mental strength, responsibility and thoughtful behaviours.

Supporting Kids – The rear of the helmet includes an illustration of Albon with his hands on the shoulders of two orphans, not only comforting them but looking ahead to a better future for the underprivileged.

Number 23 – In the colours of the Thai flag, Albon’s car number shows the pride feeling of the Thai kids supported by the Iceman Charity. The number 23 stands over the horizontal Thai flag banner as a symbol of Albon’s significant impact on the orphanage, including the current redevelopment of the sports hall.

Smiley –Surrounded by symbols drawn by kindergarten students, the cheeky smiley is the bold desire to fully express yourself and embrace the hypnotic whirl of happiness. The orphans appreciate the smiley for its amusing charming and infectious humorous.

Happy dance – The top of the helmet shows happy kids dancing around the AA (Alex Albon). For orphans, dancing is an escape from the cares of everyday life, signifying joy, celebration and being possessed by a higher power. It’s about being creative and bringing people together.